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Terryn Witherspoon-Woolfolk

I invite you in to share this space with me, welcome. I write to connect with my readers, sharing authentically on everything from lifestyle content to travel guides. I hope every word makes you feel as if you are in my home sharing a cup of tea or a mug of coffee with me. With gratitude, I ask you to explore my digital home and listen for the wisdom in the words.

Who Am I?

I live out loud. That's who I am. I inspire other people to live out loud too. I combine my background in Sociology and Biology to bring a unique angle to the lived experience. Life is history and biography, sociology; but, life is also the consistent rhythm of the heart. When I write, I marry science and storytelling: logic and emotion.

What Do I Write About?

A little bit of everything. I appreciate my versatility as a writer. I've written personal essays, poetry, lifestyle content, travel content, and even research grants.


Poetry showed up as a skill when I least expected it. I had a lot on my mind and I just needed to write. I originally thought I didn't know enough to be a "poet." In "Black Woman in America," I passionately wrote about the intersectionality of my black identity, opening the hearts of my digital audience. I then realized I didn't need a label as "poet" to foster connection.

Personal Essays

Personal essays taught me how to write. My college personal statement was my first beautfully written personal essay about my slavery ancestry and my hope for the future. Personal essays are where I get to be vulnerable with my readers sharing my successes, failures, and ultimately reminding them that nothing is wasted.


I write to my readers as friends so you already know that I'm going to tell you about the best spot in my city to get a burger and fries. Travel guides are my way of highlighting the best small buisnesses and black-owned buisnesses in a community.


Research was my first career. I've learned how to conduct qualitative interviews and have read well over 1000 academic reseach papers. I'm well equipped to write research grants, and I like to infuse research into informational articles too.

Why Should You Read My Work?

  • Accuracy: As a researcher, I believe that accuracy and transparency are essential in all communication. I want to help with my words, not harm.
  • Authenticity: I share vulnerably and its reflected in my writing.
  • Compassion: I strive to be compassionate toward myself and others during interviews and storytelling.

Let's Connect!

If you're interested in collaborating or featuring my work on your digital platform or blog, I'd love to hear from you! Please email me at terrynwitherspoonwoolfolk@gmail.com

Terryn Witherspoon-Woolfolk