5 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them Today

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I love when my husband does kind things for me. Whether it’s writing a heartfelt letter or buying me flowers, it always makes me feel loved when he thinks about me. So, I wanted to create a list of actions for readers to show their loved ones they care.

  1. Write them a letter about why you appreciate them. Do they always text you around lunchtime? Do they cook dinner after you’ve had a long day? Take this time to thank them.
  2. Buy them a gift that’s less than $5. This is a challenge with rising prices (eek!), but that’s the fun part. Buy something you know they’ll like or something small that reminds you of them. It could be a cool Star Wars magnet or even a sticker with a motto they love.
  3. Take a walk together and hold hands. This one is for my physical touch people! Consider this a challenge even if physical touch isn’t high on your love language ranking.
  4. Make breakfast together. I’m thinking more than your basic scrambled eggs. Dive in! Make biscuits from scratch or omelets loaded with all the best toppings.
  5. Suggest a no-screens day! Believe it or not, my husband and I once went three weeks without watching tv or social media. During those weeks, we had the best conversations. We had serious chats about working on our insecurities; and, we also had silly chats about me being the queen in the Bridgerton Universe.

I hope you give one of these ideas a try. If you do, leave a comment or suggest a different idea below.