4 Amazing Date Night Ideas For Couples this Summer

Photo by Wiktor Karkocha on  Unsplash

The summertime has spelled F-U-N ever since my kindergarten days!

This time of year offered a break from the mundane work of homework and exams and replaced it with pool days and summer camps. Though I’m a married adult now, I hope to never lose my love for those long summer days and refreshing summer nights.

I’ve compiled my favorite summer dates to share here. My number one love language is quality time, so if you’re anything like me, take a look at this list and get to planning!

1. Plan a Sleepover in a City Near You

We usually plan a sleepover date when we find ourselves with the funds and the time. This one will require some logistical awareness and planning abilities. If you’re not the savvy one with apple maps in the relationship, know that I believe in you and think you should give it a go.

Here’s what you do:

  • Start by looking for nice restaurants in your area (preferably one you have yet to try). Look at the menu and see if it’s within your budget and has dishes you both may enjoy.
  • Take that list and look for any local Airbnb's, inns, or hotels nearby your favorite restaurants. I prefer to find one within walking distance so I can fully enjoy my wine at the restaurant!
  • Once you’ve found a satisfactory restaurant + accommodation combo, all you have to do now is book it! Call the restaurant 3 to 4 days in advance to guarantee your table. Then book your accommodations.

Why It’s a Summer Favorite: When the weather is nice, I love to sit outside for dinner and feel the warm summer breeze!

2. Make Bread Together

For my husband’s birthday this year, we decided to make bread. We were given freshly baked bread when we traveled back in January, and he’s wanted to try making it ever since.

So I gathered all of the ingredients and surprised him!

I’m going to be honest; when my husband and I do tasks like this together, we tend to be "backseat drivers" testing each other’s patience. If you and your partner are the same, just know that when we made bread, there were a plethora of tasks for each of us to do. We even took turns kneading the dough because who knew kneading dough was a major arm workout?

We had our delicious bread at the end of the day (Yes the end of the day. Bread takes hours to make due to the resting/rising periods.). We pulled out all of our spreads and jellies to taste our freshly baked loaf. It was delicious and a memory I’ll never forget.

Why It’s a Summer Favorite: Bread is perfect for taking on an outdoor picnic to hold all your locally produced spreads, jams, and jellies.

3. Margaritas and Popcorn (and a movie)

Okay, y’all. I know this one sounds weird, but its a must try. No, I’m not talking about homemade margaritas or freshly popped popcorn. I’m talking about grocery store wine section margaritas and the plastic-wrapped Orville Redenbacher’s. Trust me.

This is our favorite movie night snack for adults!

This is the perfect date night when we want to spend time together but don’t have time to plan much in advance.

Why It’s a Summer Favorite: Truly, this one is a year-round favorite! However, it’s a good date plan for those sticky, humid, bake-a-cookie-on-the-ground, type days. I love coming into the cool A/C after spending any time in the summer heat!

4. Talk It Out with Ice Cream!

This is a classic and reliable date night. My husband and I love talking to each other so this is a go to for us. Communication can be so difficult in relationships, so arranging specific times to speak to one another is crucial; so why not do it with ice cream in hand?

Don’t know what to talk about? Here’s how my husband and I get the conversation going:

  • We google “questions to ask on a first date.” Though we are well past our first date, this is a fun one! We like to have lighthearted conversations, and a list of questions to ask on the first date fits perfectly. These lists usually ask questions we’ve forgotten to ask each other or haven’t asked in a while, like what’s your favorite dessert? And what’s your favorite childhood vacation memory?
  • We will start a reality tv show about romantic relationships/marriage. Trust me it'll give you something to talk about. My husband and I have learned so much about ourselves by watching other couples interact on shows like “Married at First Sight,” “Love is Blind,” and “Marriage Boot Camp.” This isn’t for everyone, especially if one or both of you feel uncomfortable about the content covered in some of these tv shows. Still, it can definitely be a great conversation starter. We love to examine how we can see our own behavioral traits in other people and discuss how we can grow.
  • We purchased a couple’s devotional. This is my favorite way to get conversations started. The devotional we purchased is titled #Staymarried: A Couples Devotional. We try to follow the weekly prompts and allow the questions at the end of each prompt to guide our discussion. I highly suggest this book!

Why It’s a Summer Favorite: Ice Cream! When my husband suggests that we get ice cream, I feel the same excitement I did as a child. This mix of nostalgia and conversation will surely bring you and your loved one closer together.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my favorite summer date ideas. If you’ve tried any of these dates or are thinking about it, leave a comment below.